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At Spindlemedia, Inc. our primary commitment is to provide customer satisfaction through quality software coupled with superb customer service.  Our sole business is assisting Texas Tax Collectors through automation of the tax collection and disbursement process while reducing their overall cost of operation.

Spindlemedia was started in 1995 to provide internet access.  Shortly after, Steve Johnson, principal and owner of Spindlemedia, Inc., became concerned about the looming Year 2000 threat and started writing tax collection software.  He got his first customer in 1998.  Prior to starting his own company he did programming for another tax service company in Texas.  From the beginning his goal was to provide a user friendly product that is easily customized to fit the specific needs of each tax office.

Spindlemedia provides a complete suite of products to automate virtually every task in the tax office.  Spindlemedia provides Texas tax collection offices with a platform built upon a tiered client/server framework using Microsoft development and solutions tools.  Through this technology, the end-user is provided with real time information and the functionality to process, scan, input and print at their workstation.  TaxOffice 3.0 eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual tracking of data because of its extensive list of reports for most purposes.  It also allows for the automation of supplemental loads and mortgage tapes, eliminating the manual entry of each account. 


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 SpindleMedia Inc.
 1005 Long Prairie Road
 Suite 200

 Flower Mound TX 75022

 Phone: (972) 538-3750
 Fax:     (972) 538-3751


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